Terraria: How to Make Night’s Edge [Updated]

This article is all about how to make night’s edge in Terraria. Making Night’s Edge in Terraria can take some time if you don’t know the right materials and steps to take, but it’s a doable process if you follow this guide carefully.

What is Night’s Edge in Terraria?

Night’s Edge is a sword that you can make in Terraria. It does not have any special attributes and it’s only really useful if you want to collect the whole set of swords. So what are you waiting for? Read on to find out how to make night’s edge!

The first thing we need to do is get four swords. You might be wondering, “well, how am I supposed to make four swords?” Well, luckily enough, there are different items that you can use. You could use two Eye of Cthulhu heads or two Lava Buckets or two sets of three Hellstone Bars. If all else fails, you could always craft them using your world’s crafting station!

To create Night’s Edge in Terraria, we will need four swords. The good news is that there are several ways that players can craft these things. They could use two Eye of Cthulhu heads or two Lava Buckets or two sets of three Hellstone Bars. Otherwise they could craft them at their Crafting Station in their current world.

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How to Make Night’s Edge?

First, we need four swords. Iron swords or silver swords will work as well. You can also use any type of sword that has a ranged attack. Multiple different types of swords can be used as long as they have ranged attacks. The next thing you’ll need is a star in a bottle. To make a star in a bottle, find a spider temple at night and kill all the spiders there without getting hit once. If you get hit, the spiders will respawn and you’ll have to start over again. Once all the spiders are dead, pick up one of their webs and put it in your inventory. Now head back to your home base where there’s a crafting table and craft it with the four swords to create your desired blade. We need four swords named Light’s bane/blood butcherer, Fiery Greatsword, Blade of Grass and, Muramasa. See below:

Light’s bane or Blood Butcherer

First, we need to craft a light’s bane. To do this, you need twenty-four slimeballs, one blue sword, and six hellstone bars.

You can find the slimeballs in the underground jungle biome. The hellstone bars are made with smelting one ore at a time. You can find hellstone in the dungeon or mine it from an ore vein near lava.

The blue sword is easier to get because you can buy them from the NPC swordsman for 10 gold each or you can craft one using five cobalt ore and three blocks of ice.

Now that you have your materials gathered, place them on the crafting table in this order: two blue swords, two slimesball, one hellstone bar, six more hellstones bars, four more slimesballs, six more hellstones bars for a total of 24 slimeballs and 12 hellstones bars.

Next up is blood butcherer which is exactly like light’s bane except it needs 3 red swords instead of 2 blues and 4 bloods instead of 6 hellstones.

Fiery Greatsword

The Fiery Greatsword is a weapon that can be found in the Cavern layer. It has a 5% chance to drop from Red Demon enemies, one of which spawns every fifth wave on Expert mode.

Blade of Grass

First of all, you need to create a blade of grass. This is done by creating a dirt pile, then using the crafting menu to create two grass puffs. After that, use the crafting menu again to make one more blade of grass.


When you strike an enemy with this blade, there is a chance that they will drop more items. This works well for killing bosses and events like the Moon Lord and Pumpkin Moon. It will also work on normal enemies as well. The Muramasa is a great weapon for players who like to focus on melee combat. It has a good attack speed and it can be buffed by the Terra Blade. The Muramasa is also very versatile because it can be buffed with many different melee weapons, such as the Terra Blade(a buff that doubles the damage), the Blood Butcherer(a buff that increases melee speed and attack damage and the Blood Thirsty Blade (a buff that increases melee range but decreases attack damage). All in all, the Muramasa is a great weapon to consider when you’re looking for a new one.


Now that you know how to make Night’s Edge, it is time to go out and put it to use! I am sure that with a sword like Night’s Edge at your side, monsters will fear you as much as I do. If you have any additional questions about crafting or other tips for Terraria, please leave them in the comments below!

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