How Many Watts Does a 2070 Super Need [Updated]

If you are planning on buying the 2070 Super, you will want to know just how much power you will need to ensure that it can be used to its full potential. If you use too little power, the unit might not produce as much cool air as possible, but if you use too much power, you might damage the unit before it even has time to show off its abilities. Here’s everything you need to know about how many watts does a 2070 Super need and which model of air conditioner should be used with this unit.

Why Isn’t The Answer in the Owner’s Manual?

If you’re looking to power your new EVGA GeForce GTX 2070 SUPER, one of our most popular graphics cards, with EVGA’s 1+1 Dual BIOS, you may be wondering how many watts of power is enough for your card. That answer isn’t in your owner’s manual. There are several factors that can impact your graphics card power needs.

Defining Wattage

It’s quite common for individuals to get confused about what wattage means. So, let’s start by explaining exactly what it is. To put it simply, wattage represents how much power your card draws from your PSU.

Calculating the Correct Wattage

What Are Your Current Components? What type of GPU are you using right now? Is it a single-GPU or dual-GPU setup? What are your power consumption numbers when you run those components at full load (as an example, if you use an AMD R9 290X in CrossFire with each card drawing 250W, then your total system power draw is 500W)? Have you gotten everything out of your current graphics card(s) that they can give to you?

How Many Watts Does a 2070 Super Need?

As you can see above, each GPU model is rated for a maximum power draw. It’s important to note that these ratings are not absolute, and that your actual power draw may vary based on how you set up your computer’s cooling system and depending on what else is installed in your machine. The 2070 Super needs minimum 650 watts.

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Off-Brand, Generic Power Supplies

If you’re looking to save some money, it’s probably best to skip off-brand power supplies. On top of generally being less reliable than brand name ones, they don’t provide nearly as much power as advertised. For example, my buddy tried to buy a 1500-watt supply for his rig on Newegg—but instead got one that could only pull about 800 watts before tripping its overload protection.

A True Wattage Test on an 80 Plus Bronze 450W PSU

It’s no secret that I am not overly fond of EVGA, but they do have one product that is on par with other top tier manufacturers; it’s 450W Bronze 80 Plus power supply. That said, today we are going to test to see if EVGA has done right by their users or if we have yet another dud in our hands. Today is my true wattage test of an EVGA 450B2 PSU.

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Wrap Up

The RTX 2070 Super is quite an impressive card. Featuring Turing-architecture cores and 1665 MHz base / 1845 MHz boost clocks, it offers an 11% improvement in performance over its predecessor—that’s certainly nothing to scoff at.


So, how many watts does a 2070 Super need? Well if you have read through all of our information and made it to here, then there is no surprise. The answer is simple. A 2070 super needs 650W power supply. However with that said, we would recommend using at least 700W power supply for overclocking your graphics card as well as heavy-duty multi-card setups.

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