Castle Crashers Character Tier List [August] 2022

Are you looking for the definitive Castle Crashers Character Tier List for 2022? Look no further! This comprehensive list will tell you everything you need to know about which characters are the best and worst in the game.

Castle Crashers Character Tier List 2022 (Campaign Mode)

Castle Crashers is a video game series which is released on August 27, 2008. The game has been developed by The Behemoth and published by The Behemoth, Sony Interactive Entertainment, Xbox Game Studios, KhoGames.

The characters in the game are typically young men who use their strength, skills, and imagination to fight for their kingdom. The Castle Crashers character tier list 2022 is as follows:

S Tier Characters

  • Fencer/Industrialist – 305 points
  • Blue Knight – 307 points
  • Fire Demon – 263 points
  • Orange Knight – 259 points

A Tier Characters

  • Iceskimo – 290 points
  • Red Knight – 254 points
  • Ninja – 198 points
  • Brute/Snakey – 194 points
  • Necromancer – 199 points

B Tier Characters

  • Bear – 188 points
  • Royal Guard/Conehead – 183 points
  • Skeleton/Cultist – 165 points
  • Saracen – 176 points
  • Gray Knight – 151 points

C Tier Characters

  • Pink Knight – 163 points
  • Barbarian – 111 points
  • Peasant/Civilian/Stoveface/Open-Faced Gray Knight/Thief – 93 points
  • Blacksmith – 79 points
  • King – 92 points

D Tier Characters

  • Alien – 60 points
  • Hatty – 79 points
  • Beekeeper – 46 points
  • Green Knight – 14 points

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Castle Crashers Character Tier List 2022 (Arena Mode)

The Castle Crashers Character Tier List is a list that ranks the characters in the game based on their usefulness in the Arena Mode. The list is divided into four tiers: S, A, B, C and D. The characters in each tier are ranked from best to worst.

S Tier Characters

  • Blue Knight – 184 points
  • Iceskimo – 171 points
  • Saracen – 155 points
  • Brute/Snakey – 155 points

A Tier Characters

  • Orange Knight – 118 points
  • Fire Demon – 142 points
  • Fencer/Industrialist – 133 points
  • Ninja – 133 points
  • Skeleton/Cultist – 135 points

B Tier Characters

  • Necromancer – 118 points
  • Pink Knight – 129 points
  • Royal Guard/Conehead – 89 points
  • Gray Knight – 81 points
  • Blacksmith – 69 points
  • Bear – 83 points

C Tier Characters

  • Green Knight – 66 points
  • Alien – 70 points
  • Barbarian – 55 points
  • Peasant/Civilian/Stoveface/Open-Faced Gray Knight/Thief – 40 points
  • Red Knight – 34 points

D Tier Characters

  • Hatty – 23 points
  • King – 16 points)
  • Beekeeper – 12 points

Castle Crashers Character Tier Criteria

There are a variety of ways to rank the characters in Castle Crashers, but one of the most commonly used criteria is the “character tier.” This ranking system puts the characters into tiers based on their overall strength and usefulness in the game. Here is a look at the criteria used to rank the characters in Castle Crashers:

– Overall damage output

– Ability to deal with multiple opponents

– Survival ability

– Ability to control the battlefield

Based on these criteria, the characters in Castle Crashers can be divided into four tiers. The top tier consists of the characters that are the strongest and most useful in the game. These characters are able to deal a lot of damage, control the battlefield, and survive against multiple opponents.

The second tier consists of characters that are strong and useful, but not as strong as the top tier characters. These characters are still able to hold their own in a fight and are useful in many situations.

The third tier consists of characters that are not as strong as the other tiers, but can still be helpful in certain situations. These characters are best used in specific roles and are not as versatile as the other tiers.

Finally, the fourth tier consists of the weakest characters in the game. These characters are best used as support characters and are not meant to be used in a fight.


The “Castle Crashers Character Tier List” is a great resource for gamers who want to know which character is the best to use in the game. The list is divided into four tiers, with each tier containing four characters. The top tier is the best, followed by the second, third, and fourth tiers.

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